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your daytime waitress at the taco tiki hut

cleverly disguised as a responsible adult
27 July 1973
i've always journaled. i write in my head, even with no pen and paper, and believe that the best of my entries never leave the insides of my brain. i may journal a lot, but my life isn't livejournal. it's just the most convenient conduit.

that being said, the normal disclaimer applies. i write about my husband. i write about my dogs. i write about knitting, things i'm doing, things i've done and things i want to do. i write about nothing and everything, sometimes all at once. i occasionally have a foul mouth, and sometimes the things i write about aren't sunshine and happiness. if you friend me and i know you - drop me a line in a comment so i know to add you back (i don't check my friends list all that often). if you add me, and i don't know you - drop me a line in a comment if you want on how you found my journal, or don't. up to you :)

my life story cliffnotes:

about a girl,
her husband,
their kids,
their house,
their friends,
her job,
her costumes,
her knitting,
their dogs,
their crazy families,
their charitable events,
and whatever else comes to mind.
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